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eResearch Central Frequently Asked Questions
Process Improvements for Completing IRB and IACUC Continuing Reviews and IACUC 3-Year Renewals: New Online System

General eResearch Central FAQs

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If my continuing review or 3-year renewal form is due around the time of the system launch, do I use a paper form or the online system?

Refer to your e-mail notification to determine what process to use. If you receive a "time-to-file" e-mail before the online forms are available, it will ask you to file a paper version of the form. If your e-mail reminder directs you to eResearch Central, you will need to use the online system.

Will paper versions of the continuing review or 3-year renewal still be available once the online system is launched?

No. Once the online system becomes available, you will need to complete continuing reviews and 3-year renewals online. Refer to your "time-to-file" e-mail to determine which process to use during the transition.

Have the rules changed?

No. The federal requirements for substantive continuing review have not changed.

Is any new information being requested on the online continuing reviews?

Yes. The information being requested is mostly unchanged, but some new questions have been added. Some of these questions address new regulatory requirements; others collect new data, which will then be available to you in an editable format for subsequent submissions.

Will the frequency for filing continuing review reports increase with the online system?

No. The IRB or IACUC determines the frequency of continuing review reports based on the risks of the study. The requirement for "no less than annual" review has not changed.

Can I submit all IRB/IACUC forms and correspondence online now?

Not yet. The first phase of the process improvements for IRB and IACUC encompasses only the online submission of continuing reviews and 3-year renewals. Future development will focus on creating more electronic tools and adding the ability to submit other forms online.

Can other people view my forms online?

Currently, you can only view online IRB/IACUC forms for which you are the principal investigator, co-investigator, or correspondent. Future development of the system will provide a "proxy" feature allowing you to grant view permission to other University personnel, such as your departmental administrator.

Will the online forms take more time to complete?

Initially, the online system will seem new and different, and it may take you a few minutes longer to complete the forms online than on paper. However, once you become familiar with the process, you should find online form completion to be faster.

Does the online system provide features to ease form completion?

Yes. The first time you complete an IRB or IACUC continuing review, the online system auto-inserts some information from central databases for you, saving time. For subsequent submissions, additional information will be available in an editable format, reducing keystrokes and the potential for errors.  

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